What is bio-secure Shrimp farming?

What is bio-secure Shrimp farming?

Bio-secure shrimp farming system is an evolving culture practice which provides the means to achieving a higher degree of bio security. Bio-security in aquaculture is the sum of all the procedures put in place to protect living organisms from contracting, carrying and spreading diseases and other non-desirable health conditions, through the use of bio-therapeutic agents such as probiotics.

Bio-secure shrimp farming technology can be applied to extensive, semi-intensive or intensive shrimp aquaculture. The salient features of this technology are:

  • High scoring for biosecurity compared to conventional farming and zero water exchange systems
  • Reduced operational costs (no use of antibiotics, chemicals, water exchange and related feed costs)
  • Use of efficient biotherapeutic agents
  • Reduced risk of disease outbreaks
  • Growth and production performance at par or better than conventional farming and zero water exchange systems
  • Better feed conversion efficiency as there is no loss of in situ nutrients
  • Efficient water budgeting and utilisation of harvested rainwater
  • Better profitability and rate of return

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