Global Seafood consumption

Global Seafood consumption

The ‘Fish to 2020’ study has projected that, in the years to come, developing countries would consume a much greater share of the global fish output. This report projects that fish consumption in developing countries would increase by 57 percent, from 62.7 million tons in 1997 to 98.6 million tons by 2020.

International trade barriers coupled with the increased affluence and rapid population growth in developing countries would divert supplies from the traditional markets in North America, EU and Japan.

It is projected that, by 2020, 77 % of global fish consumption would occur in developing countries.

Aquaculture production, a growing alternative production methodology which has already proved it’s success, is projected to grow from 28.6 million tons in 1997 to 53.6 million tons by 2020, representing 41 percent of the projected supply in 2020.

This study also projects that, by 2020, developing countries would contribute to 79 percent of world’s fish production.